University of London International Programme Winter 2019-2020 Application

Thank you very much for your inquiry about the 2019-2020 University of London Winter examinations. As your college might have notified you, the entry process had been changed to “online” entry system. Not all of the colleges follow this procedure. If you are not sure which process (online or traditional entry process) to take, please confirm with your college before you process your entry at this time.

The online entry system (For Most Colleges), please follow the procedure below:

1) Download theExamination Entry Form from “My Account” section of your University of London student portal webpage.

Make a copy for yourself and submit to IBEC for our records. Also, please fill in and submit the “Conditions for Administration of Examinations” form.

Please be sure to send your accomplished examination entry form in PDF format to 

2) Please pay the administration fee to test center according to the number of exams you are sitting.

According to the number of papers, you are sitting.

(Please refer to the first page of “Condition for Administration of Examinations”)

Deadline for entry form and payment is 25 days before the examination date. Please organize the documents and make a deposit prior to this date.

Please be aware that our “test center” deadline is earlier than the university’s deadline as it takes at least a few days for the test center to issue a validation code. Your application process to the university needs to be completed by entering the code into your portal 3 weeks before the examination date

3) As soon as we check your entry form and deposit, we will issue you a “Validation Code.

For those who have sat the examination at our site before;

Please note not only the timing for administration fee payment but IBEC will issue you a Validation Code and you need to go back and finish your entry online. Please take note and be careful with the change.


For the traditional application process, please follow the procedure below:

1) Please fill out the entry form together with the test center form (link is included in the form).
Download Form
2) 25 days before the examination date, please deposit the test center fee to the bank account shown in the test center form.
3) The test center will send your entry form to the University of London and will give you a confirmation after we receive the confirmation from the university.

If there is anything unclear, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Contact Person: Mary Rose Guevarra
Tel: 03-5842-6202

Examination centre:
IBEC Japan, Osaka Ekimae 3rd Bldg. 5f 10, 1-1-3-500, Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan
Tel: 06-6105-5961