About iBEC

IBEC is a leading provider of Business, communication and language training in Japan.

Improve the English skills of students with accurate analysis and guidance.

To learn a foreign language, there is no “only one correct route”. The use of foreign language and purpose of human learning and the level, the answer is different. Based on these ideas, and suggestions to the iBEC is tailor-made full-time foreign language learning programs. The curriculum was constructed in the best way of learning English in the past promises to improve the speed with no English skills.


Each level best to resolve the issues

English is difficult, followed by a conversation with the issues represented by the word, depending on the level of English speakers in fact, what is different. To solve the problem, however, is the appropriate guidance is needed for each level.


Our clients and partners

Our clients include more than a hundred multinational companies in Japan, including

  • Manufacturing companies (Asahi Glass, Hitachi, Kirin, Mitsubishi Fuso, Samsung, Toshiba, Komatsu, JFE Engineering, Canon, Daikin and others)
  • Global trading companies (Mitsui, Mitsubishi, Sumitomo, Itochu, Toyota Tsusho)
  • Financial institutions (Nomura Securities, Nomura Trust Bank, Sumitomo Trust Bank), information technology companies (Fujitsu) and many others.


We have developed effective educational partnerships with media companies in Japan (including Japan Times and Nikkei)


Our competitive advantages

Our main competitive advantage is our focus on customer needs and our ability to provide our clients with effective educational solutions.

Our educational programs focus on the practical, up-to-date and effective curriculum. We are able to customize the learning program to the needs of specific company.