Corporate Training

We assist the companies that are looking to improve the practical language skills of their employees.

We can customize the consulting based on the client’s requirements; we use only well-qualified teachers, high-quality learning materials in our learning programs.

We offer our clients the appropriate advice on each language level to improve their abilities.



Business English

iBEC employs the language assessment, from the beginner to advanced near-native English, to pinpoint the challenges required for each level. Finding the solutions to the challenges can help our clients to achieve progress in the studies.

Skills Training Program

To use English in business we improve the students’ skills in negotiations, business conversation, and presentations.

Cross-cultural communication

We have some programs for overseas assignments that help the employees to understand foreign cultures, to establish good relationships with foreigners and to eliminate the communication gap.

Global Human Resource Development

iBEC Company has seminars for those working in senior management positions overseas and for executives to develop their business overseas.

We teach the skills necessary for management and human resource management, etc..

Training in local languages for the overseas assignments

Business markets in the overseas countries include not the only English-speaking countries. iBEC has the learning programs available in almost all major languages in the world.