Temporary staffing

The business required highly skilled employees, regardless of their nationality.

The best possible staff based on the clients requirements

When interacting with foreign companies in Japan, and managing foreign employees, the English skills are necessary.

iBEC helps companies to find staff to interpret the business conversation at events and conferences, write documents and communicate with foreign clients in English, according to clients’ needs.

English, Chinese, French, etc…World’s major languages are available.


We have well-qualified staff to help our clients.

iBEC is pleased to offer the clients help with improving the IT skills, in addition to the language skills.

Our temporary staff hiring fees can be customized based on the staff experience and skills/qualifications.


We help companies to reduce the costs and to improve the quality

We can help companies to find employees for the specific projects; we can send the staff to the company in just one day.We can help customers with finding the staff for the customer support