IBEC is always interested in locating candidates to join its growing ranks of professional trainers. Our trainers come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds and conduct classes and training sessions at our clients’ offices in the Kanto and Kansai areas of Japan, as well as at our headquarters in Tokyo and branch office in Osaka. While classes instructing client employees in business English and business skills form the bulk of the work our trainers do, we also have opportunities for motivated individuals to lead intensive business skills training seminars. On an irregular basis, opportunities are also available for translators and interpreters, editors and rewriters, and e-learning trainers.

If you have both the interest and experience in the corporate training world, please contact us at

To apply Please e-mail your resume to in Microsoft Word™ format or as a PDF or fill in this form: Google form. Please include all relevant personal contact information and your visa type on your resume.
Qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview.
Openings Part-time applications are accepted at any time. Full-time positions will be advertised when available.
Work Profile Business English and business skill instruction, both one-to-one and group lessons to business people. Classes are located countrywide, mostly in the Kanto (Tokyo/Yokohama area) and the Kansai (Osaka/Kobe/Kyoto) areas.
Qualifications Native English level, university/college graduates with business experience.

IBEC Corporation, Ltd.

IBEC is a global corporate training company serving over 120 major Japanese and foreign multi-national companies. With a presence in Korea, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong also, IBEC has more than 300 highly qualified instructors, the majority of whom hold advanced business degrees in management, economics, marketing and finance.


IBEC offers targeted education programs in the following areas:

  • 1. Corporate Training
    • ・Global Leadership Training
    • ・Business English Programs
    • ・Cross-Cultural Intensive Study
  • 2. Pre-Departure Training
    • ・Cross-Cultural Communication
    • ・Multiple Other Languages
    • ・One-to-One Skills Evaluation
  • 3. Children’s Education
    • ・Immersion Program for Bi-lingual Children
    • ・Children’s English Teacher Training
    • ・”Mommy and Me” Program